How to create an email campaign

First off you click on Campaigns -> New email campaign in the side bar menu.

Creating an e-mail campaign is done in Lime Go by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose a segment of people to send you campaign to. You do this by using the filter on the top of the page.

    For a person to be included in an e-mail campaign, it is required that you have had some form of contact with the person before hand. Lime Go assumes that you have had contact with a person if you have tagged them or added a note, a todo, or a meeting connected to that person.
    Another requirement is of course that the person has an e-mail address.

  2. Add some properties to your campaign:
    • Campaign name: intended for your internal use.
    • Subject: The subject line of the email.
    • Sender name: Defaults to your name.
    • Reply-to email: Defaults to your email.
      You can edit the defaults under Settings -> Email campaign.

  3. Design the e-mail content.


If you are using MailChimp see the instructions here.


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